Tesla Announces Leather- Free Vehicle Interiors

In a tweet by Tesla last Saturday, August 31st, the carmaker announced its decision.

According to the website The Verge, the decision came after a shareholder meeting with PETA, who has been working with Elon Musk’s company for some time now.

“PETA has been working with Tesla for years on producing synthetic leather. It also has led campaigns to urge global automakers like General Motors, Volkswagen, and Toyota to ditch animal products in their cars as well.”

“By ditching leather, including in its car seats, Tesla is sparing countless cows the cruelty inherent in the leather industry and staying true to its focus on sustainability.” PETA stated.

The company confirmed that the steering wheel will also change to a synthetic material.

The Model Y, that is coming out in 2020, will also not be using leather.

The tweet created some controversy in its thread on Twitter.


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