Pagani Has Plans For an Electric Hypercar

The Italian Carmaker Pagani that produces only a few numbers of its famous luxurious hypercars, confirmed in an interview that they’re finally working on EVs.

While talking to Autocar, the company spoke about its electric plans:

“The C10 will have a regular V12, but, at the same time, there will be a full-electric vehicle, and it is not going to be exactly the same platform. It will be modified.”

The EV comes to the market of EVS as a successor of the 2022 Huayra.

The company is famous for generally making only 40 vehicles to the general public, making them rare and very expensive.

Horacio Pagani, the CEO said:

“This next model will have a similar philosophy. It will have a traditional combustion engine, a new-generation Mercedes-AMG V12 twin-. “We have a very close relationship with Mercedes already, and this new V12 engine will be homologated until 2026.”

No more specs or image were revealed so little is known about the vehicle. What is known so far is the creation of the new car will take place in 2025 and 2026, with an estimated price of $3 million.

What are your thoughts on the creation of another hypercar?

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