Mach E: Ford’s New Electric SUV That Will Face Tesla’s Model Y

Under very hard material, to cover its look, the Mach E was spotted on the streets of Dearborn, Michigan. The car will officially be released in 2020.

On the race to take Tesla’s crown, inside the scenario of electric vehicles, Ford seems to be one of the companies that is honestly making an effort to reach the status of Elon Musk’s company. Already presenting EVs such as F-150, Ford also has the Mach E in its plans.

The SUV is inspired by the classic Mustang and it comes to compete with the Model Y. There are no official images of the car yet, only its covered versions. So far one the specs revealed was a range of 299 miles. We can expect a teaser of the vehicle in November.

The first time we heard of the vehicle was in an announcement by Ford in January 2018.

Once again, a vehicle reaches the market with promises to beat Tesla. This honestly might not be the best marketing strategy. Carmakers should start to propose what Tesla doesn’t, and then create something new and even better.

Source of image: Motor 1

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