Aptera Reaches the Market With a 1,000 Mile Range Vehicle

Way before Tesla established its name, Aptera came up with the idea of bringing an EV to the market. Now, after facing many troubles along its journey, it might come to an official release.

According to the company, they are aiming to boost their production in the next few years, with 11,250 units by 2022.

On the matter of specs, Aptera says the car will have a driving range of 1,000 miles fed by a 100 kWh battery. It will also offer 40kWh batteries which will give the possibility for the car to travel 400 miles before a second recharge.

The motors inside the three-wheel vehicle will have a 67 horsepower.

The company created a crowdfunding page to help the development of the EV. Their goal is to reach $2.5 million so the first prototypes can hit the road as early as the end of the year. You can help them by investing here.

The prices of Aptera were not officially revealed.


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