SEAT’s Tarraco Will Get a Plug-in Hybrid Version

According to the company SEAT, its SUV Model Tarraco, will now be available in a plug-in version. The vehicle will debut at the Frankfurt Motorshow.

SEAT revealed that the new vehicle will feature a 13 kWh battery that will be able to make the car travel 31 miles while only being electrically powered. It will take 7.4 seconds for the car to reach 62 mph and a top speed of 134 mph.

The carmaker had some comments to make on the inside design of the Tarraco:

“Inside, the interior space has been shrewdly sculptured to heighten the impression of comfort with SEAT’s latest-generation infotainment system including a new navigation system with 9.2″ screen, increasing the SUV’s levels of digitalization to optimize driver feedback and passenger connectivity. Front occupants now benefit from electric sports bucket seats with memory function (for the driver side). The bucket seats have a combination of the sportiness of a neoprene look material and the sophistication of an art craft leatherwork for the comfort area. Also, the driver benefits from aluminum pedals and a new sports steering wheel with FR logo.”

The orders for the car will start in 2020.

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