Bollinger Motors Will Reveal Prototypes of B1 and B2 Next Month

Bollinger has been working on its Electric Models, B1 and B2, for four year. Now it is about to unveil its prototypes on September 26.

According to the company, the trucks will feature “dual motors, all-wheel drive, hydropneumatic suspension, in-wheel portal gear hubs, 120 kWh battery pack, large front trunk space, and patented pass-through doors for transporting long items.”

Not much information related to price or any more specs were revealed, but Bollinger said that at the unveiling more will be shared with the public.

Take a brief look at the vehicles:

Bollinger B1
Bolinger B2

The look of the trucks really exhibit a useful EV, but only with more info related to specs and price will we be able to tell how successful the B1 and the B2 will be.

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