Doordash Acquired Autonomous Vehicle Company

Doordash is one of the many companies fighting to deliver food to your home. In a Medium Post, Scotty Labs broke the news about being bought by them. They didn’t share many details about the deal, but made it clear that their core is to work on “autonomy” and also that “remote assistance will be the future of logistics.” 

It was reported by TechCrunch that Doordash is working towards less reliance on human drivers and it’s looking for ways to perform an autonomous delivery system. This is not their first shot at this. First, they worked with GM, after that they did a partnership with Starship Technologies delivering meals with the help of a semi-autonomous robot.

Just like other companies that use human drivers to deliver goods or give rides, Doordash has a complicated relationship with them. Earlier this year, The Verge reported that they where using tips to pay workers wages. If we add the predatory actions towards their drivers and the fact that they are clearly working on autonomous vehicles, we can assume that it is in their strategy to reduce the number of drivers working for them.

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