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New Computer Images of Colored Rivian Trucks

In a post on the website Drivable Design, Rivian Trucks were edited and presented with new colors.

The models are work from Joshua T. who has been working on the website for a while now. He applied new and different tones to the upcoming EVs by the vehicle maker.

Models called R1T and R1S are highly expected on the EV market. The design combined with the features show a vehicle that might come to compete with other big names, such as Ford (that will enter the EV market with the F-150) or Tesla (with Model U).

The new spectrum of colors adds more fun when buying a Rivian vehicle. Some of them could actually be made if the company gives proper interest to the issue.

Joshua reminds in his post on the website:
“Rivian has not released any color options on its R1T pickup, so I made a few. These are not official colors released by Rivian.”

Rivian R1T will most likely be released in 2021.

Here are the images:
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