Drako GTE – A New Electric Hypercar

The brand new electric vehicle by Drako motors comes to the market in 2020, and it will probably face the Tesla Roadster.

Another model of an electric hypercar comes to the market, arriving at the worldwide market very soon. The new Drako GTE promises good specs and of course comes with a high value.

The EV comes with 1,200 HP, which is not the strongest on the market. The car also provides a 206 mph top speed fed by a four-motor system and a battery pack of 90kWh.

Not many other numbers were revealed, but Drako Motors said that only 25 models will be produced.

As for the price, the GTE said it will start at $1.25 million. This shows that it will be more of a luxury car compared to the Tesla Roadster, which will come to the market at a more accessible price of $200,000.


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