Hyundai New Electric Car Concept Will Debut At Frankfurt Motor Show

The Korean company has some new Electric vehicle concepts, and we might see all of them at the Frankfurt Motor Show

This year, Hyundai has a lot of new stuff to show us at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This week, the automaker announced what they plan to show in Germany next month. We can expect at least two new electric cars.

We don’t have many details on the electric car concept powered by a battery. The only other information revealed is that the car will be under the “Style Set Free,” which means Hyundai believes that future cars will be much more personalized and will reflect the owner’s style more. 

The second car will also be electric. This one will be an “electron-fed motorsport machine,” this might be the result of a partnership with Rimac. This race car just might be the beginning for Hyundai to introduce a sports car for the general public at a later date. Rimac is all about high-performance electric vehicles and already has two cars to show for it. Concept_One and C_two.

We might also see a new ICE car, the new i10. If you’re from the U.S, you may have never heard of it. That’s because it is not in the company’s strategy to sell this type of vehicle on this side of the pond. But this kind of car is popular in South America and Europe. From the sketch, the i10 will have an “angry hornet” look. If we see some of the same similar design lines in the future electric cars, we might have a winner. 

The Frankfurt Motor Show will start September 14th, and you can see all the EV news here on The Next Avenue.

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