Global Sales of Hyundai Were Close to Hitting 8,000 in July

During the last month of July, Hyundai achieved its second best number on global sales. According to the company they had 7,806 sales.

The highest number of sales that the company achieved was 8,174 vehicles in December of last year. But comparing numbers to July 2018, Hyundai sold 88.4% more EVs.

The models on the market are the Kona Electric, IONIQ Electric, IONIQ Plug-in, and the Sonata Plug-In. Kona sold 4,342 units, IONIQ Electric 1,817, IONIQ Plug-In 1,407, and Sonata with only 240.

Insideevs worked on some graphics with data from previous sales by the car company since 2016.

The total number of EVs sold in 2019 are equivalent to 4.3% of the total by Hyundai, which means 44,526 electric vehicles are already on the streets since the beginning of the year.

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