Skip Reveals its New Electric Scooter, the S3

Created to help the universe of scooters, Skip’s S3 comes to the market of shared boards to make the vehicles last longer.

A recent trend in big cities is the adoption of scooters to travel short distances, especially on streets crowded by cars. The vehicle can either move on the sidewalk or the streets. However, being a public service with usually high demands, the scooters get worn out quickly and easily.

Inside that scenario, Skip created its new scooter model, the S3. The vehicle comes with some specs that show a rough board ready to endure daily usage. Also, their wheels and decks are now larger to make the S3 more stable. The motor is now better in torque, which means a significant improvement when hill climbing.

The scooter has swappable batteries that can be changed in seconds anywhere the scooter is placed. It can even survive a 30 minute period under water (only up to 1 meter).
What are your thoughts on Skip’s S3?

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