Say Hello to The Most Beautiful Electric Bike on The Market

The new 2020 Roadster Electric bike goes way beyond the looks.

If until this point you never had heard about Vintage Electric you are in for a treat. The company is based in Santa Clara, CA, and is known to build gorgeous electric bikes. If you paid attention to the name, it’s not hard to imagine the styling and design that they are going for.

They now have five different models in their inventory. The newest one is the Roadster 2020 (yes, Tesla also has a car with the same name coming next year), is the most powerful one. With a Powertrain of 3000W, it can reach up to 36mph race mode and have a maximum range of 75 miles on street mode. The 1123Wat-hour battery takes 4.5hours to be fully charged. The bike also has regenerating breaks feature.

“Vintage Electric crafts powerful electric bikes that artfully blend the vintage-inspired design of classic board track racers with the best in EV technology. Vintage Electric is proud to present the all-new 2020 Roadster model for riders looking for a high-performance EV ride paired with a unique cafe racer aesthetic. Designed in the grand tradition of open-air sportscars, the brand new Vintage Electric Roadster presents riders with an impressively fast 36-mph throttle bike that offers top-shelf performance with styling that is sure to turn heads.” – Vintage Electric

The price tag matches the looks and muscle of the Roadster 2020. $6,995 Is what you are going to need to cough up if you want to ride the most beautiful electric bike in the market right now.

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