Hawaii Registers Almost 10,000 EV Drivers

On a report by Star Advertiser, the number of EVs grew on the last month of July, almost reaching 10,000 drivers.
Electric Vehicles have been growing in every state in America, and with companies starting to develop and sell more EV models, it is common to see them on the road.
On Hawaii, the number registered of EVs in July 2018 was 29% lower, with a bit more than 7,000 vehicles sold. Now, the numbers are reaching for exact 9,699 distributed all over the state.
Even with fantastic growth, the number of EVs in Hawaii doesn’t represent a significant percentage of all vehicles in the state, with a fraction that represents less than 1%.
Hybrid Vehicles showed a decrease, compared to last month, but are representing a more significant fraction than the All-Electric, with 2.3%, equivalent to 25,031 hybrids sold.


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