The Reasons Why EV Sales Increased 30% in Canada

An announcement by the Canadian Transport Ministry said that the country had numbers go up 30% after the implementation of a tax credit of $5,000.

This investment follows the lines of trying to reach a hundred percent of electric vehicles sold by 2040.

In the past, Canada faced a cut on a tax credit that had a value of $14,000. But now the sales tend to grow again. The credit started in March.

According to the ministry, the 14,000 EV purchases are plans to end the emissions of 36,000 tons of gases a year.

Marc Garneu, the ministry, completed the statement:
 “Through these efforts, the Government of Canada is encouraging the use of zero-emission vehicles and making this clean technology more affordable to Canadians, while promoting a cleaner environment and better quality of life. And Canada’s future growth are deeply tied to the environment.”

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