Rimac Automobili Will Launch Its EV: Rimac C_Two

Rimac Automobili will present its electric vehicle, the Rimac C_Two at Salon Prive.
Rimac is known for being a company that works with the development of technological solutions for big names in the automotive industry, like Aston Martin, Porsche, and even Hyundai Motor Group.

The Rimac C_Two is made of materials such as carbon fiber monocoque with bonded carbon roof, and an integrated battery pack and powertrain.

The technology of the battery pack gives 120 kWh of energy. With that, the vehicle can reach its maximum speed of 258 mph (412 km/h), and an acceleration of zero to 60mph in 1.85 seconds. It also goes from zero to 100 mph (161 km/h)in 4.3 seconds.

The prototypes of the C_Two are already in production, with dates of release in 2020.


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