American Senate Adds 1 Billion Dollars for Investments in Clean Energy Infrastructure

On the bill ‘America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019’, the American senate says it wants to work on spending $287 billion on transportation projects.

These projects will happen over the next five years, with an amount of $1 billion out of that amount to go to projects related to clean transportation.

Clean transportation does not mean exclusively Electric functions. It includes ethanol, hydrogen, biodiesel, and others that can use that money to push their source of fuels in the market.

The tendency though is to follow the electric market. Right now, out of alternative fueled vehicles, electric ones are taking over the roads, with over 2 million units running on the streets (according to Green Car Reports).

It is important to remember that private initiatives have also compromised to invest a considerable amount of money in developing a better network on charging stations, which is the case of Volkswagen.

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