Tesla Reveals How it Will Use the Camera on the Rearview Mirror

The camera placed inside the Tesla car will face the interior and also be able to personalize the experience for every driver.

Since it was announced, two years ago, Tesla produced every single Model 3 with the small camera. Until now, the feature has not been activated.

A patent application called ‘Personalization System and Method for a Vehicle based on Spatial Locations of Occupants’ Body Portions’ and comments from CEO Elon Musk described how the camera would work:

“Exemplary aspects of the disclosure may include a personalization system that may include an image-capture device and circuitry in an in-vehicle electronic device. The disclosed personalization system, for example, the in-vehicle electronic device, increases improves an overall in-vehicle comfort and entertainment experience for the vehicle occupants. The personalization system provides an advanced, intelligent, and an automatic personalization of in-vehicle systems in real-time or near-real-time for enhanced and consistent in-vehicle comfort and entertainment experience, both before and during a drive.”

This means that, when recognizing the driver, the car will set was has been established by this unique driver:

“For example, the electrically powered adjustable components, such as the driver seat, vehicle mirrors (e.g., the ORVM), front mirror, radio, music preferences, and driving mode preferences, may be adjusted by the user preferences in the driver profile of the first occupant.”

Here are some images of how the camera will work inside Teslas:


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