UPDATED: VIDEO: A Rivian R1T on an Impressive Turn on a Cliff. Is it Fake? Yes

On a video by Youtuber “boolero01,” a Rivian R1T truck was shown making a turn on a cliff. Even though it looks like something a Rivian vehicle could do, the short clip has some hints that might be a CGI production.

Starting with the fact that the video does not comes from an official channel from Rivian. Second, on the description, the credits are given to a VFX production team.

Despite that, the Agency Droga5, which is responsible for the ad agency of Rivian, was also credited on the video. It might mean something that it will come up later as a feature of the company’s trucks.

The looks on the video are great, and it is not a question that Rivian trucks will be able to do such things as shown. Maybe it is better to wait for an official announcement of the capacities of the R1T.

Check the video here:

UPDATE:  Rivian spokesperson comment. “”That wasn’t an official video, and it was [computer-generated imagery].” Source: LeftLane News


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