Meet eDumper, The Largest Electric Vehicle That Regenerate its Battery

The eDumper is an electric mining dumper made by Kuhn Schweiz AG and has incredible specs.

The largest EV seen has 111-tonne bulk, a 600kWh battery that weighs 4.5 tonnes and is capable of transporting around 65 tonnes of lime.

Also, the mining EV has an incredible feature of regenerating its battery when it moves downwards.

An example of how battery recovers itself was stated by Lucas di Grassi, a Formula e pilot, on its Youtube channel. Di Grassi said:

“We had 75 tons of rocks, and we went out here with 90%, went all the way to the top. We arrived with 80% battery, loaded up and on our way back, we recovered 8%, so we came back with 88% .”

This means that the vehicle doesn’t even need to be charged.

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