Honda Two-Door? Patent Filing Reveals

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In the attached images, this two-door car bears a striking resemblance to the brand’s Urban EV and Sports EV concepts. Both were unveiled in 2017, the former at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the latter in Tokyo. These vehicles won critical acclaim from the press; their clean, understated looks are a clear break with current styling trends.

Looking like another member of this electrified family, this latest design study has smooth, flowing bodywork and dramatic proportions including a swooping roofline and a passenger compartment pushed extremely forward. The five-spoke wheels depicted in the drawings are massive and pushed out to the machine’s corners, giving it an aggressive stance.

Unlike those other design studies, this one looks decidedly like a supercar, thanks to that passenger compartment placement and the tapering roofline. Based on the images, it looks like quite a stylish vehicle and one that would provide pretty excellent performance.

Our patent sleuth uncovered this filing, which was made with the Japan Patent Office in late December 2018 but finally published today, July 1, 2019. What do you think of this vehicle? Is the patent in question foreshadowing a car Honda will actually produce? If they do make this vehicle, will it be all electric? We have so many questions but would love to see this go into production.

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