Audi Will Start to Build the e- Tron GT in Late 2020.

Audi’s electric car, E-Tron GT, will start being made in late 2020, according to the company.

The process of building the EV will take place in the same assembly line as the R8 at the Böllinger Höfe factory, in Germany.

When it was unveiled, the company surprised the public by announcing that the EV would be leveraging the powertrain developed by Porsche for the Taycan. This would make the car come out to the market way faster than expected.

The specs of E-Tron GT features a 434 kilowatts (590 horsepower) system power, 95 kWh battery with a fast charging that reaches over 70%.

The car’s top speed reaches 150 mph (240km/h), where the acceleration provides power to the EV to reach 62 mph in less than 4 seconds. On 124 mph, E-Tron will take around 12 seconds. On a single charge, the range goes about 248 miles (400 kilometers).

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