Specs of Harley Davidson’s LiveWire Revealed

The New Harley Davidson electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, just got its specs revealed.

The battery, built from Samsung cells, will be one of the largest of the market, with 15.5 kWh. It also comes with a 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty.

To charge it, you might take around 10-11 hours to fill the whole battery. If you choose the fast charging option, a Level 3 DC, it takes only 40 minutes to full 80% of it and one hour to complete the charge.

The motor of the vehicle includes a 78 kW (105hp) which can make the bike reaches 60 mph in only 3 seconds. From 60 to 80 mph, 1.9 seconds is enough to do so. LireWire can achieve 110 mph (177km/h) as its maximum speed.

The motorcycle has a range of 146 miles (235 km).

While the motor and the controller have a liquid cooling system, the battery is air cooled.

Harley Davidson also plans to launch more motorbikes in 2023. These would be more affordable, according to the company.


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