Mike Levin Has a Great Idea on How to Engage People with EVs

The U.S politic Mike Levin just came up with an incentive to reach more significant numbers on the EV market, along with the use of cleaner energy.

The idea is to install electric car charging stations on the American National parks, so you can promote the use of zero-emissions vehicles on public lands.

Levin called it the “Green Spaces, Green Vehicles Act.” Along with that, The National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service would need to have an EV.

“Greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector are destroying our planet, polluting the air we breathe, and driving the climate crisis,” the politic stated.

With hundreds of parks and green spaces, the cost to implement this feature would be high, and with time, maintenance is very pricy. It is not a bad idea to work with renewable energy, but maybe, adapting step by step can, in the future, make this plan cheaper than it is today.

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