The New Mini Cooper SE Is Here

BMW unveiled today the new Mini Cooper SE. This is the first all-electric car from BMW since the i3.

The front-wheeled he Copper SE will have an electric motor with 184hp and 270nm of torque. This allows the car to go 0-60 mph in 7.3 seconds. With a battery located on the vehicle’s floor, gives the Mini has a range of 146 to 168. That also means more space from luggage. It has the same amount of space as it’s gasoline-powered brother.

The Mini Cooper SE uses a Type 2 and CCS Combo 2 plugs for both AC and DC charging. It also supports fast charging, 80% of the 50kW battery can be charged in 35 minutes

BMW is offering four different driving experiences with the Mini Cooper SE:

“Electric drive takes the typical MINI concept of go-kart feeling into an entirely new and fascinating dimension. The enthralling agile handling of the new MINI Cooper SE is supported by suspension technology that has been refined and harmonized on a model-specific basis. In conjunction with purely electric drive too, the tried-and-tested design principle of the suspension — with single-joint spring strut at the front, a multilink rear axle that is unique within the competitive field, and electromechanical steering — guarantees maximum ride stability, steering precision, and spontaneity when changing direction. With a center of gravity that is at least 30 mm lower than in the MINI Cooper S, optimum weight distribution helps the new MINI Cooper SE achieve a level of cornering dynamics that is unique within the small-car segment.”

The electric Mini will be manufactured in Oxford, UK. BMW is already receiving pre-orders in some countries. Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway are on the list. It’s expected to start deliviries in March 2020. The price starts at 32,000 Euros or 36,000 Dollars.

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