Over 195,000 Electric Vehicles Sold This Year in Europe

West European countries have been leading the sales number of not only the All-Electric Vehicles but also the Hybrids. The growth of those, which can mean that people are still transitioning slowly to the Electric world, can change the numbers shown in the first five months.

The percentage is split between 64.9% of all electric and 35.1% of Hybrids. Leading the market, Germany has already 40,000 sold. Norway takes the second place, with 35,000, while the UK and France stay around the 22,000 and 22,500 sold, making them transition in third place. The Netherlands and Sweden also show significant numbers, with 15,000 each.

Even though everything points to an absolute dominance from All-Electric Vehicles, the Hybrids also show presence in the market. They still outsell the BEVs in UK, Sweden, Finland, and Belgium.

It is crucial that PHEVs are also an option in the market, once cities are also not ready for the full operation proposed by the EVs companies. It will take time, but that is the right way to go.

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