The New All Electric Mini it’s Teased Ahead of Official Unveil

BMW, the company behind the Mini Electric, just released a new teaser and announced the full unveil of the vehicle and pre-orders starts July, 9th.

In the past few months, we saw a lot of concepts from BMW of what would be an all-electric Mini. The German manufacturer just confirmed that production will start in 2019. It’s believed that this will be the last 4th generation electric powertrain to be released.

BMW is holding an event on July 9 to fully unveil the car and probably give us more information and specs of this British heritage. We already know that the pre-orders may start on the same day in some markets; Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway.

“Embrace the unexpected. Experience a new enjoyment. The first all-electric MINI heralds a supercharged evolutionary step that fuses MINI go-kart feeling and iconic design. It’s MINI at its most intense – empowering you on a whole new level. Switch on to a new urban electric lifestyle. The first all-electric MINI coming soon.” – BMW

Check out a beautiful teaser of the Mini Electric:

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