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The New Nissan Leaf Had More Than 8,000 Orders

Images: Nissan

Nissan is releasing the new LEAF e+ on the Market, the company keeps the promise made at the beginning of the year, and the EVs should be reaching the European market by now.

The new version of the car features a 62KWh battery, and a range of 385 Km (239 miles) and has already, according to Nissan, 8,000 orders.

It is not a very good number but considering factors such as the price and also a competition running along with the e+ Model.
Price listed for Europe right now is 45,000 euro or 50,418 dollars.

It is not a bad car, but if Nissan wants to get more orders, they should work on something that can bring the price down. The competition has even better cars and similar price. The EV market is getting hotter by the day. Back in the day, Nissan had one or two competitors, now every day there’s a new electric car in the market.

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