Eviation’s Electric Aircraft, Alice Will Be in the Air Soon

Cape Air is the first customer of Eviation Aircraft’s new product: Alice – The all-electric airplane from the Israeli company.

Alice will start being officially out for commercial release only in 2022. The specs of the aircraft include a 650-mile range on a single charge, a nine-passenger capacity inside the plane traveling at 276 mph.

Cape Air acts around the US and on the Caribbean, working as a regional airline, with planes that fly with less than 100 passengers.
Siemens, along with Rolls Royce (owner of Siemens Aircraft business) will power the motor supplies.

Taking an important step in the future of vehicles, especially planes, Cape Air takes off before any of the competition and can trigger companies to invest on the same. As stated by the airline CEO, Dan Wolf:

“Augmenting our fleet with the all-electric Alice Aircraft is the next chapter in our future.” Well, it seems like not only their future but the world’s as well.


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