Pininfarina’s Battista: This Electric Car is Faster Than Any Formula 1

The all-electric Battista, from Pininfarina, has been designed by a small crew since 2018. The very original design from the Italian company has always been a trademark from classic vehicles, and it is no different this time.

On a statement to ABC News, the design director from the company, Luca Borgogno, said: “The car needed to be a jump into the future without losing the values of every Pininfarina design (…)”

The official date to the start of the production is late 2020, where the price of the Electric Vehicle is estimated to be around $2.2 million.

Exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show, in March, the Battista has a 120-kilowatt-hour battery. It sprints from zero to 62 miles per hour and on a single charge can travel 280 miles. Now, when it comes to the F1 comparison, the EV can reach 217 mph on its top speed, according to the company’s executives, faster than any race car from Formula 1.

The production will be very limited, with only 150 units built, spread around the whole northern hemisphere, in continents such as Asia/Middle East, Europe, and North America, with 50 units for each.

Pininfarina’s Battista

Based on the successes of Electric Models with Tesla, Rivian, and others, Pininfarina intends to develop other five to six new luxury models of Electric Cars in the future, with a lower price.

The exclusivity brought by the limited number of vehicles made can attract wealthy buyers since what usually they look for is the fact of having the product that not everyone has. It will not be hard for Pininfarina to get as much buyers as they want.

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