Inside Source of Tesla Leaks New Features About to Come

Revealing it to the vlog “Like Tesla,” the source stated improvements on the Electric Vehicle company would come on its main products, with chances of getting in the market in around four months.

The first change would happen on the lithium battery, reducing their weight, while it would increase in its capacity. These batteries would be capable of providing Model X to almost 400 miles of range and Model S even more.

But not only the performance and range are the central part of the leaks and its improvements. According to the source, the same batteries will be able to be charged by the 250-kilowatt-fast-charging, and more: It will be compatible with Tesla’s Supercharger V3.

And at last, the source also said about changes in the design of both models S and X, and possibly being more similar to Model 3.

With the upgrades listed above, Tesla could attract more customers and give the company a little boost, since it has been going through financial problems, which has been troubling Elon Musk for a while now.

You can check the whole video of “Like Tesla” here. Do you think that if Tesla upgraded their cars, they could attract more customers? How do you think their performance will be?

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