4 Electric Cars That Might Be At Your Garage One Day

For now, Tesla is pretty much dominating the electric car market. The manufacturer already lunched four cars. Two of them being sold now, the Model S and Model X, the Roadster that is a pioneer but is out of production and the model 3, that is coming 2018. However, the future is not going to be that easy for Tesla, there is a lot of new car’s schedule to be lunched in the next five years. Some of them look very promising. I picked four models that I think that might have a chance to triumph, and will explain why I think they have a chance is this ruthless market.




With production starting as early as 2018, Lucid Motors are showing that they are not entering this market for fun. They are here, and they intend to win. Their first car will be a sedan with 87kWh battery pack and will have 900hp. The vehicle program is being led by former Tesla VP and Model S Chief Engineer, Peter Rawlison. We are expecting 20,000 units during the first year and 130,000 when Lucid factory is all complete. That’s serious business.

2- I-Pace Jaguar



The electric version of F-Pace is beautiful. It has 220 miles of range and can go from 0 to 60 in about four seconds. Well, that is far behind of what a Tesla can do. However, this car is from a manufacturer who was founded in 1922. That means they know everything about cars and how to sell it. I’m sure it’s going to have all the comfort and luxury that you expect from any Jaguar vehicle but with none of the gas hassles.

3- BMW i8



The BMW, like the Jaguar is a centenarian company. They were making cars when people didn’t even know what a cars really was. The current version of the i8 has a internal-combustion engine and batteries. It runs in a hybrid platform, There are a lot of rumors and evidence that the German manufacturer will ditch the gas motor and improve the battery, making the gorgeous i8 full electric, like it’s little brother, the i3.

4- Faraday Future


In 2017 CES, Faraday Future will show the world its first car. Until then, they are hyping us with teaser’s images and videos. We still don’t have any idea on capabilities of the vehicle, all we know is that the images look great. Another fact is that FF made a partnership with LG Chem, that promised the most energy density on a car so far, giving the car extra miles of range. One more thing that might help them have success is that they have great people working on it. They have “stolen” professionals from GM, Apple, Toyota and of course Tesla.




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