Tesla is giving a free sun blocker to Model X owners


One of the best features of Tesla’s Model X is the huge windshield that goes over your head, letting you have a better glimpse of what’s happening around you. But when is hot and it’s a sunny day, all that light could not be very comfortable to the passengers. To resolve that, Tesla decided to give owners a removable windshield sunshades free of charge. The company is sending e-mails to Model X owners letting them know about this “gift”.

A PDF serves to instruct on how to install this new feature. After installed it will cover most part of the glass over the driver’s head,  offering cover from excess light.

Some owners even posted Youtube videos, to show how bad it is when the Model X is facing an overhead sunlight. According to Tesla, the new Front Upper Windshield will block 66% of light and heat originated from the upper windshield.


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