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Hyundai Prepares Three Electric Cars on the E-GMP Platform

Hyundai is currently developing a family of electric cars based on the new modular E-GMP platform, designed from the outset for battery-powered models only and capable of supporting 800-volt electrical systems. These vehicles will be radically different from the rest of the Korean company’s electric cars, which are derived from gas vehicles.

This family will initially be made up of three models. The first to arrive in the production version is the 45 EV Concept prototype. A compact retro model whose definitive name could be Hyundai Pony (the concept car served as a tribute to the 45th anniversary of the said model classic, which laid the foundations for the company’s international expansion in the 1970s).

Behind him will be a saloon derived from the Prophecy Concept prototype, which should be presented in 2022. The final version of the Prophecy will rival the Tesla Model 3, offering as its main attraction an aerodynamic design inspired by the vehicles of the 1930s. It

can be seen, the aesthetics of 45 (angular and compact) and Prophecy (curvy and stretched) will be radically opposite.

The third member of this family will be presented next year as a concept car and will show the world the new E-GMP platform’s breadth. Therefore, we can expect an SUV or a large minivan (possibly the first, since SUVs today are in full swing, while vans have been in decline for years).

Hyundai is currently finalizing the aesthetics of the production Prophecy, while the 45 is already fully developed. The objective with this new range of vehicles, which will take advantage of the enormous flexibility that electric platforms allow to offer very radical designs, is to present a more emotional facet of Hyundai, known today mainly for its excellent quality/price ratio.

Hyundai wants to create a consistent brand image between such different design models through detail. Instead of using identically shaped headlights or grills on its different cars, it will go for aspects like the recognizable Pixel LED lights. A series of small LEDs that can be animated to create recognizable shapes.

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