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Tesla Model 3 Beats the Nissan LEAF as the Best-Selling Electric Car in History

Until now, one of Nissan’s pride was having the LEAF as a pioneer in the sector of the sustainable mobility sector. Along with being the best-selling electric car in history worldwide. A title is just taken from a relatively young Tesla Model 3, who is already waving that flag.

According to the latest data from Bloomberg, Model 3 would have crossed the barrier of half a million units delivered, with an estimate of 536,000 units to date. A figure that allows it to exceed the 490,000 units that is estimated the Nissan LEAF has accumulated.

This is undoubtedly good news for the entire sector as it shows that there is interest, even among cars located in the not-so-cheap segments, which can also enjoy massive sales. Tesla is still in the development phase of its production capacity, which would have allowed it to have it with even higher numbers.

Another noteworthy fact has been the exponential line that Model 3 has experienced, which has managed to exceed 500,000 units in just two and a half years on the market. It must be added they did not start producing in significant numbers until the second 2018 quarter after a “production hell” in the early stages that even jeopardized the brand’s existence.

For its part, the LEAF has needed nine years to reach close to 500,000 units, with a soft start that began an escalation from 2014. The improvements made to the car, the drop in prices, and the most significant general interest, helped create an upward trend that despite issues such as reduced vehicle performance, has remained positive.

A duo that is closely followed by the Tesla Model S, which as we see is suffering the effects of the veteran of its proposal, and the arrival of the Model 3, which is causing stagnation in its deliveries.

But it seems that it will be difficult for anyone to overshadow the Model 3 for now, especially considering that it is still amid a productive rise, with the recent opening of the China plant. This will be followed by the European plant in 2021.

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